Just Tell Me
What To Eat!
A Video Series to help you create an eating style that's just right for YOU!
Only $67 $17 through July 6!
If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me: "What should I eat?"...
Well, let's just say I'd be paying a lot more income tax...

And it's certainly understandable why there's so much confusion around this question. With so many diets, eating styles, recommendations, "should"s and "shouldn't"s out there, it's enough to make anyone want to pull their hair out!
Figuring out what to eat shouldn't be this complicated! You have better, more important things to do!

Here's the good news. Drawing on my 7+ years of experience working with men and women to help them get healthy, I've created an exclusive series of videos that include some of my best principals, processes, and tips to help you create the eating style that's just right for your body. 
In these exclusive videos, you will learn:
Video 1: Just tell me what to eat
  •  Two simple principals you can use to guide your eating decisions
  •  What to pay attention to when evaluating eating decisions
  •  How to accommodate real-life challenging food situations
Video 2: Discovering what to eat for your unique body type
  •  Two processes for discovering what foods work best for your unique body
  •  Which body feedback signals you can focus on to help hone in on your best eating style
  •  How a history of chronic dieting may effect this process, and what you can do about it.
Video 3: Vegetables
  •  Common challenges to incorporating vegetables regularly
  •  Tips for adding vegetables into your day - even if you don't like them!
Video 4: Healthy Fats
  •  Why dietary fat is important to your health
  •  The symptoms of fat deficiency
  •  Which fats are healthy fats
  •  Tips for incorporating more healthy fats into your meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Video 5: Food Sensitivities
  •  What are food sensitivities, and how are they different from allergies?
  •  What are common symptoms of food sensitivities?
  •  What foods might I be sensitive to? (Yeah, we talk about gluten.)
  •  How can I tell if I have a food sensitivity, and if I do, what do I do about it?
Did I mention ... bonuses?
As if the Video Bundle by itself isn't enough, if you grab your bundle before the sale ends, you'll also get these free bonuses!
1.  High Quality Foods Cheat Sheet
Use this cheat sheet to help you make high quality food choices. With information on how to choose the good, better, and best proteins, produce, breads, dairy, and more, this is a great resource for upgrading your self-care by treating yourself to well-deserved quality options.
2.  25 Snacks That Satisfy
My top 25 satisfying snacks, with accompanying shopping list. Woo hoo!
Meet the Creator of this Video Serires
Dr. Dawn MacLaughlin is The Food Freedom Coach. Her passion is helping women of all shapes and sizes free themselves from fighting food, weight, and body so they feel confident, energized, and ALIVE, without dieting, and without giving up the things they love. As a former binge eating yo-yo dieter who has released 100 pounds, Dawn is quite familiar with the toll the struggle takes and how liberating it is to finally break free.
Dawn is professionally certified as a Health Coach, an Eating Psychology Coach, and a Transformational Coach, Mastery Level. 
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